• So Lively h 17

    So Lively h 17

    The rigor and formal simplification for the best
    of comfort and pleasure of use.

  • Osaka 160

    Osaka 160

    Lates Noctis creation
    is ispired by Japan.

Noctis Collections

So Pop h 17

A cheerful born bed that loves to change and dress up.

Noctis collections


Latest Noctis creation is inspired by Japan.

Noctis collections

Osaka h 17

Osaka: the aesthetics of naturalness and Japanese harmony collected in ten ideals, combined with our art of living and our art of enjoying our ambiance.

Noctis collections


Noah is the bed for those who love style , design and comfort.


Secret Box®

Noctis Collections

Flamingo Net

Una trama inaspettata, un tessuto inusuale, un letto deciso e diverso.
Soffice come una nuvola, generoso nei volumi e...

Noctis collections


A surprising wave, unusual fabric, a sharp and outstanding bed.
Soft like a cloud, its shape already suggests...

Noctis collections


A peculiar and changeable personality. A different concept of lightness.
The outstanding headboard of the Birdland bed...

Noctis collections


So lively, so glam so coloured, so... SO!
All the So versions have injection moulded foam...

Noctis collections

London h 17

The style of practicality and sober elegance.

Noctis collections

Lyle Capitonné h 17

The revised versions 
of a past with soft 
shapes with effects of refined simplicity.

Noctis collections


Our mind can make out of a matter something soft.
The design of our famous Stones bed has become an...

Noctis collections

So Lively h17

From any point 
of view a Noctis bed is always perfect

Folding Box®

Watch how the works

Noctis collections

So Casual h 17

Disinvolto, con libere cuciture trasversali

Noctis collections

Lyle Modern h 17

The timeless class meets current taste in timeless classics.


Color Range

To complete your Noctis bed customization...

Noctis collections

Sommier h 17

The rigor and formal 
simplification for the best of comfort and pleasure of use.

Noctis collections

Eden Advance

The art of craftsmen at its top in this marriage of elegance and harmony.
The soft bedhead has an outstanding shape...

Noctis collections

Bob h 17

Simple and reliable, It can be placed
in any even limited space 
thanks to its small size


The dreamer

Find out the latest news from Noctis

Design Week 2018

Noctis is present at the Milan International Furniture Fair 2018. Via Vigevano 36, Milan




Folding Box®

Watch how the Folding box® system works

Noctis collections


Winding and sharp, a tailor-made dress for your dreams.
The Doxy bed is now available also...


Real dreamers

Piero, Caterina, Mattia Priori.
We think that beauty must be present in everyday life... and in every night.

Area agencies

Where is

A selected group of authorized dealers shows our most representative products, and is available to grant your requests.

Noctis collections


Soft and significant volumes their life thanks to the quality and assortment of fabrics and colours.
The Davis padding is made of a foam that...


I′m So

I'm So. My style. My life. By Noctis SO è la sintesi di anni d’esperienza. Un prodotto verticale che...

Noctis collections


Elements that cross each other becoming one singular essence.
The bedframe of the Joe bed is made of solid...

Noctis collections


The functional style. A comfortable support and all the room beyond your room.
The bedhead of London is made with...

Noctis collections


Imposing and light, a romantic with as many souls as its versions.
Lyle Voulant provides a very comfortable slightly...

Noctis collections


A different one. A reversible bedhead to give a new life to your dreams.
Paco introduces a great news: the double-face...


I am

We devoted ourselves to the creation of a top quality product that celebrates the excellence of the real Made in Italy...

Noctis collections


Delicate curves for a modern romance, an unusual idea of classic
Directly from our former“The Originals” collection...

Noctis collections


Each single detail turns the line in a contemporary movement. An unexpected classic.
The bedhead of the Bob bed...


Good Morning Night

Is this just a dream?
Maybe...for real dreamers. Leaf through our catalogue and discover the whole Noctis collection.

Noctis collections


When fantasy explodes the combination of pure ergonomics and emotion.
Tolò bed is designed by Vittorio Prato who was...

Noctis collections


The real basic that hides a thousand attitudes.
The Sommier bed is a practical and very...

Noctis collections


Memory is calling shapes that veil a light movement.
Lullaby Chic is characterized by the particular...

Noctis collections


The top for your freedom and all the room you need to please your fantasy.
The Space Sofa version, with its three sideboards...

Noctis collections


The unbroken simmetries of a refined design sketch silhouettes floating in the air.
The two panels of the Kenny bedhead are...

Noctis collections


A fairytale, and at the same time a story about sensibility and passion.
Chloè is available in all the fabrics of our...



The Noctis collections is available in all the fabrics of our catalogue...

Noctis collections


Precious and elegant with an unusual fastening to protect your dreams.
Allan’s headboard and bedframe are made...